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Chancellor Education, based in London, United Kingdom, provides one of the world's most comprehensive and sophisticated methods for admissions and education counselling. Our unique services help ambitious students from around the world achieve their dream of studying at the most prestigious universities and independent schools in the UK, including Oxford and Cambridge.

Chancellor fully focuses on the future of the students and the dreams of their families. We have thorough knowledge of the British Education Systems and what makes the students excel in their studies and career building. 

Our job at Chancellor is to match our students' goals and potential with the best opportunities the UK institutions have to offer. Our consultants have up to date information on the UK and global job markets.

Our services are available year-round. Prospective students and their families can directly communicate with our admission experts on a one-to-one basis. Our counselling outcomes are well-documented and an abbreviated version is emailed to the applicants as part of the consulting process. 

Getting our applicants admitted to the institution they want and deserve is just the beginning of our journey together. Chancellor is always here for you to fall back on should you need further support during your studies and career- building process. We are in it for the long run. Once you have registered with Chancellor Education, rest assured that you and your family are in good hands.


We offer personalised, comprehensive and tailored guidance to global students seeking admission into the leading universities and schools in the United Kingdom





UG Admission
UG Admission
We make your course and university selection wise and future-proof.

An undergraduate degree from a UK university can help you build a successful career. UK universities have the reputation of being institutions of excellence and their alumni have the chance and choice of realising their enhanced potential in their global career building process.

  • Choose your best UG Programme.
  • Choose your best University.
Masters Admission
We assess your eligibility through our unique interview technique. Study your most suitable programme in the best UK University.

We ensure the most serious consultation to the most serious students. Our no-nonsense method of assessment helps you to find the most sought after programme and university that fetches you the best possible job right after your studies. 

  • Only the most future-proof UK Masters
  • Choose your best possible UK university 
PhD Admission
We assist you in every step of the UK Uni PhD admission process.

Chancellor Education has experts from most Russell Group universities, who are either their Research students or their alumni, who work with us as admission consultants for assisting you in the whole process; Researching your programme, university, contacting potential supervisors, preparing application, letters of recommendation, research proposal, scholarships, CAS and visa application. 

  • Any University, Any Discipline
  • Scholarships 
  • Oxford & Cambridge Specialists
School Admission - International
Chancellor Education officially represent some of the most sought after independent (Private) High Schools and Sixth Form colleges in England.

If you are looking for a trusted advisor for your child's private school education in England, you are now reading their website! We only provide this service to foreign students and our premium service ensures all that you need every step of the way. 

  • The most sought after private schools 
  • We counsel families first, children next
  • Governed by strict child safety policies and Procedures
  • GDPR Compliant Services
  • British Council Certified Consultants 
What Our Students Say

 Our students are able to find the right-fit school or university that best matches their academic abilities, interests, and career aspirations. We help them succeed academically and professionally, and ensure that they achieve their full potential. 

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