Why Chancellor Education For Masters Admission?

The Masters degree, also known as second degree, is the second stage of higher education and has become a minimal requirement for many professions. Together with the PhD, they are often referred to as postgraduate studies. Masters degrees in the UK offer students specialized knowledge and research tools for their future. Thanks to world-renowned universities, multicultural environment, and focus on research and solving real-life problems, the UK's postgraduate programmes are truly the epitome of academic success, best represented by the most prestigious universities in the world, such as Oxford and Cambridge. These institutions are part of the Russell Group, a collection of 24 universities considered the best or among the best in the UK and the world. The quality and prestige of UK postgraduate studies has resulted in high demand and fierce competition, and for good reasons: 90% of UK postgraduates work in high-skill positions, often accompanied by respectable salaries.

Oxford & Cambridge
Russell Group Universities
Full Support for Career Building
Our Specialities
A Unique approach

Chancellor Education is unique in its counselling strategy, tailored to each client through a comprehensive Aptitude Assessment. Furthermore, given the tight and convoluted deadlines, we have an Early Bird approach. With some applications occurring a year in advance, we start the Aptitude Assessment and application process early on, accompanying our customers throughout the year as they engage with the UK education system and its many stages and opportunities. Our assistance is long-term and hands-on, with monthly calls to update on progress as well as friendly and open counselling for the client's family.

Visa Assistance

Even following an international student's admittance to a UK Masters programme, they require a Student Visa. Our thorough, all-inclusive approach to ensure our clients obtain the education of their dreams therefore includes counselling and assistance with the visa application process for international students.

A First Step Toward your Dream

If you need help finding the perfect school for your child and successfully applying, don't hesitate to reach out. Go to the Contact Us page for enquiries and book a free 30-minute audio consultation.

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